Issue #001 was released on June 15th! We’re very pleased with it and we hope all of you are pleased as well!
What sort of stories have we brought you? I’m glad you asked:

Please Open This While I’m At Work, by Amanda Nunes Alvarenga, a girl needs to come out to her mother—but it’s not exactly what’s expected;

No Salary Justifies Certain Tribulations, by Santiago Santos, a hotel manager deals with all the unlikely cases of his routine with calmness and competence. Until a crew from outer space invades the facilities;

How To Deal With Inconvenient Guests, by Marina Melo, a professional specialized in dealing with unwelcome guests faces a very unexpected situation in their current job;

Nilsinho Pause, by Michel Peres, Nilsinho Pause is a Brazilian visual artist and performer whose works (or ‘tricks’, as he calls them) criticise society, the art world and humankind itself. This has brought him fame all around the planet and beyond, but his attention turns to his hometown of Itaparica; and finally

The Pan-Planetary Congress, a 1920 short story by Lima Barreto, never before published in English, in which a Pan-Planetary Congress is organized for the discussion of several subjects and for Jupiter to brag about its advancements.

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There’s no excuse for missing out on great Brazilian SFF!