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Eita! Issue 1

Issue 1

JUNE 2021

Our issue 0 received so many submissions we were able to make an entire second issue out of them! Like our first issue, we didn’t have a theme and only published these stories in English, but they are just as great.



Buy this issue to read our classical story: The Pan­plan­et­ary Con­gress, by Lima Bar­reto, about the barbarous actions of the government of Jupiter, hidden by a cloak of incredibly boring congresses.

Credits for this issue


An­dré Col­a­belli

Iana Araújo

Lu­cas Ra­fael Fer­raz

Vanessa Guedes


André Colabelli

Iana Araújo

Natalle Moura

Vanessa Guedes

Copy editors

An­dré Col­a­belli

Júlia Ser­rano

Marina Ferreira

Natalle Moura

Vanessa Guedes

Cover art and internal illustrations

Raphael Andrade

eBook design

Lucas Rafael Ferraz

Social media management and Communications

Larissa Picchioni

Special thanks

Jana Bianchi

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