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What the heck is Eita!, you may ask!



EITA is an interjection spoken (or, more commonly, shouted) from all corners of Brazil. It’s an extremely versatile word that can express surprise, pity, confusion, dismay or joy. Here follows a few applied examples of everyday usage:

The ship is about to be stranded in open space because a crew member did something stupid?

“Eita! I should not have pissed off the ship’s asshole navigation AI!”

The realm was saved by a mage that tamed a dragon in an unconventional way?

“Eita! I would’ve never guessed dragons also go crazy with catnip!”

Someone can suddenly make their every wish come true just by thinking about it?

“Eita! Life can be so good!”

Eita! is at the very core of the Brazilian language, and it is one of the very, very few expressions that can be heard in every corner of our continental, multicultural country. Eita! represents Brazil more than soccer or samba. Or even Bossa Nova (which you probably know as elevator music).

But most importantly, Eita! is also what we expect you to say when you read the stories from the amazing Brazilian authors this issue is packing, we want you to be amazed by these tales as we were when we first read them.

Wow is the past, Eita! is the future.

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