Editorā€™s Note

Foreword, by Jana Bianchi

Please Open This LetĀ­ter While Iā€™m at Work, by Amanda Nunes AlĀ­varĀ­enga

No Salary JusĀ­tiĀ­fies CerĀ­tain TribuĀ­laĀ­tions, by SanĀ­tiĀ­ago SanĀ­tos

How to Deal with InĀ­conĀ­veniĀ­ent Guests, by MarĀ­ina Melo

Nilsinho Pause, by Michel Peres

The PanĀ­planĀ­etĀ­ary ConĀ­gress, by Lima BarĀ­reto

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